Non-Classical Gung Fu

Non-Classical Gung Fu is Jesse Glover’s personal expression of martial arts developed over 50+ years of experimentation and experience. Jesse developed many different training processes applicable to the average person; processes that develop power, speed, timing and sensing, among many other attributes. His training methods are revolutionary in many ways because they are unique, extremely effective and relatively simple. Although some of them may look similar to aspects of other arts, there are subtleties that make them distinct. Each student in NCGF evolves his or her own method of expression because each student conceptualizes the ideas and training processes at different levels. In essence, NCGF gives each person a base to work with, one that allows a person to progress at his or her own pace; based on skill level, motivation, and/or physical abilities. How far each student wants to take their skills is largely based on effort. What results from the training is an incredibly diverse physical exploration in martial arts.